For Chrome browser on windows, it can be managed by GSuite. When Deledao extension is pushed to GSuite users, it could be installed in Chrome browser running on windows. In the mean time, Deledao proxy can be installed on Windows to filter content for all browsers on it. 

Both proxy and extension can be installed on the same machine and work together. By default, when extension detects proxy existing on the machine, extension will take over the filtering within Chrome, but other browsers such as Firefox or Edge will continue using proxy for filtering. If users would like to stop using extension in Chrome on Windows, they can check the option "Use Chrome extension to filter Chromebooks only". 

Content Filtering Using Extension

In this case, Chrome needs to be set to avoid using proxy on Windows which can be achieved by going to GSuite admin console:

  • Go to Devices -> Chrome -> Settings.
  • Find the section “Network”, then change “Proxy mode” to be “Never use a proxy”.
  • Restart Chrome to get the new policy.

Content Filtering Using Proxy

In this case, the extension should be set to stop filtering within Chrome, and it can be done through Deledao admin console:

  • Log into
  • Go to Configuration -> Global Settings.
  • Enable the option “Use Chrome extension to filter Chromebooks only”.
  • Go to, click “Refresh Policy”.

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