• Use the Deledao Link Generator Chrome Extension
  • Use Deledao's Web Tool

For iPad deployments, it’s recommended that apps such as Safari and YouTube are turned off and students use the Deledao Education browser for all their Internet activities for full protection.

However, since iOS does not allow users to change the default browser from Safari to some other browsers, whenever teachers share webpage links with students using other apps (e.g. Canvas), those webpage links might not open properly if Safari is disabled.

Teachers can choose one of the following methods to generate custom links that will allow them to share with students. Such links will be open through the Deledao Education browser if it is installed on the iPad. Otherwise, they will open through Safari.

Use the Deledao Link Generator Chrome Extension

This Chrome extension can let teachers generate custom links with one click if they are using the Chrome browser on Chromebooks, Windows, or Mac. All they need to do is to right-click on the webpage that needs to be shared, and select “Copy Deledao Link Address”. The custom link will be automatically copied to the clipboard and the link can then be shared with students. 

The extension is available in the Chrome Web Store. The teachers can install it themselves, or the G Suite administrators can force install it on teachers’ machines with the proper policy. The extension ID is fpgoengmbjplmkckginfpbmadifccllb

Use Deledao’s Web Tool

Teachers can also visit our web tool at https://redirect.deledao.com to generate custom links. Just input the URL and click Copy.

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