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Deployment to iPads

Install the Deledao Education App from the App Store using your MDM tools. 

The Deledao Education app is a browser itself and contains the complete suite of Deledao’s real-time AI filtering technologies.

  • The Deledao Education App should be installed on iOS 14 and higher. Deledao app can be set as the default browser.
  • The Deledao Education Classic should be installed on iOS 13 and earlier.

You may also want to disable Safari, Youtube, and other related apps on the iPad to ensure the students are always protected by Deledao during their Internet experience.

Open a link using Deledao App on iPad 

  1. If Deledao Education (for iOS 14 and later) is installed, then set the default browser to be Deledao Education.
  2. If Deledao Education Classic (for iOS 13 and earlier) is installed, 
    1. replace the "http://" or "https://" in each link with "deledao://" or "deledaos://". Then the link will be directly opened in Deledao Education Classic.
    2. use our website to re-generate the links, then when the new link is clicked, it will be opened in Safari first, then Deledao Education Classic will be invoked by Safari for viewing the web-content. This case can be used by schools that they are using apps doesn't use the default browser settings on iPad and hard-codes Safari as the browser. Thus it has to go through Safari and then reach to our app.

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