Please complete the steps in the article: "Configuring the Deledao Admin Console".

Proxy Installation for Mac

To download the latest Proxy installation download link for Mac, please email to obtain the file required to activate Deledao's filters. We will get back to you shortly after confirming your school's registration ID with Deledao.

PAC File Deployment for Mac

One will have to remove other filtering software before deployment as one will also have to remove other certificates and allow pop-up windows in the Safari browser/browser being deployed to. For Safari, go to the Safari menu, choose Preferences> Security tab > uncheck the “block pop-up windows”. For Sarafi 15.0 or later, choose Preferences> Websites tab > Change the label "When visiting other websites" to be "Allow". 


To get the Mac PAC file, go to:

  • Deledao's Admin Console>Deployment tab>Windows and Mac tab>Windows and Mac tab>copy the Mac PAC file URL.

  • Go to the Mac device's >System Settings>Networks>Advanced>Proxies> Select ‘Auto Proxy Configuration’>‘Url’ text box: Enter the Deledao PAC file URL.

  • Open the browser and click the lock icon at the search bar to show certificate.



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