Video conferencing tools like Google Meet and Zoom are widely used. Unfortunately, strangers sometimes sneak into these meetings and present indecent materials via webcam or screen sharing (i.e. Zoom bombing). With Deledao’s real-time video analysis technology of both webcam video feeds and screen sharing contents, this sort of content is filtered out.

Deledao supports Video Conference platforms running through internet browsers. It will not support the App: 

  • Google Meet is supported when running inside browsers on supported devices (e.g. Chromebooks, Windows with Deledao proxy agent). 
  • Zoom is supported when running on the Chrome browser as a web client on Chromebooks. 
    The Zoom app on Chromebooks and other devices are not supported. 

To enable the AI Analysis of Video Conferencing feature: 

  • Log into Deledao admin console. 
  • Go to Policy Manager and select a rule. 
  • Enable “Analyze video conferencing” under “Real-time video analysis”. 

Note that this feature may slightly affect the device's running performance for devices with relatively slower CPUs. Please try it on some devices before one enables it for all students. 

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