Deledao’s powerful AI engines do a great job real-time filtering Youtube videos based on their text, image, and video content. In addition, Deledao lets one easily block/allow Youtube videos according to their channel, category, and keywords.

For example, a school may want to block some of "Cardi B’s" inappropriate videos.

On the rule configuration page under Policy Manager, enter the URL of a Cardi B’s Youtube video into the blocked list. A window will pop up and let you select whether you want to block or allow:

  • The individual video. 
  • The video’s channel. 
  • The video’s category. 
  • Those videos that contain certain keywords in their titles. For instance, one can enter the words “Cardi B”, “wap”, and “lick”, which will block all videos with any of these three keywords in their titles. Separate the words and phrases by commas. 

The new items that were just entered will appear in the blocked list.

Click “Save” in the upper right corner to update the list and have the new policy to take effect.

To have the configuration change take effect immediately, close the browser and reopen it - it usually then takes a minute for the configuration to be applied.

Otherwise without closing/reopening the browser, it may take up to one hour for the configuration to be applied to all browsers.

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