When users perform Google searches, they are asked to verify that they’re not robots with Captcha. 


This is caused when the Google safe search option is turned on in Deledao and there are other devices or software on the same network trying to enforce Google safe search as well. Google safe search enforcement is done by rewriting the URL to add the “safe=strict” parameter to the search URL. Sometimes these different enforcement solutions conflict with each other which causes them to keep rewriting the URLs in their own ways, causing a redirect loop. As a result, Google will detect a lot of traffic from the same IP address during a very short time period and thinks the traffic may be generated by robots. 


  • Check the settings of your firewall and other filtering devices or software. If applicable, turn off Google safe search settings.
  • Google safe search can be left enabled in the G Suite settings. This should be the only place enforcing Google safe search. 
  • Log into Deledao admin console. 
  • Go to Policy Manager. 
  • Turn off “Google, Yahoo, Bing safe mode” and “Block Google search tracking” in the related rules. 
  • The new policy should take effect on all associated devices within minutes. Ask the users to click the “Refresh policy” button in the Deledao extension icon menu if necessary. 
  • The problem should go away in a few minutes. 

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