Student-Teacher Map Creation

Student-teacher mappings give students the ability to submit unblock request to teachers and gives the teacher access to the teacher portal where teachers can review unblock request and use our ActiveInstructâ„¢ feature.  Mapping can be done automatically or manually.

  • Navigate to Teacher Portal > Directory Management
  • There are 4 different ways to add to the directory

Mapping can be done automatically through Google Classroom, ClassLink, or Clever.  Please see the Rostering article for details.

Manually Mapping

  • Users have the ability to map staff and students by OU or individual email addresses.

Import Teacher Directory

  • Please upload a CSV file with the following fields and include this line as the first line in the CSV file: "StudentEmail,TeacherEmail"

After mappings hav been set up, students will now be able to submit unblock requests to one of the mapped teachers. 

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