Student-Teacher Map Creation

  • Navigate to Teacher Portal > Directory Management
  • There are 4 different ways to add to the directory

  • Connecting through Google Classroom will map your students to their teacher by the settings in your Google Classroom.
  • To connect with ClassLink you will need you ClassLink tenant ID.
    • For ClassLink, please grant Deledao access at ClassLink portal by following the instructions
    • Your ClassLink tenant ID can be found in Roster Server > Manage in the top right.

Manually Mapping

  • Users have the ability to map staff and students by OU or individual email addresses.

Import Teacher Directory

  • Please upload a CSV file with the following fields and include this line as the first line in the CSV file: "StudentEmail,TeacherEmail"

After mappings hav been set up, students will now be able to submit unblock requests to one of the mapped teachers. 

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