Configuring the Deledao Admin Console

  • Go to and log in.

  • Go to Configuration tab located at the top and set up your school name and time zone.


  • Next, click on the Identity Provider tab on the left-hand side and add the account one would like to extract users from. 
    • Select GSuite for deployment to Chrome OS. (2 different GSuite providers can be supported)
    • Select Office 365 or GSuite for deployment to Mac OS.
    • Select Office 365 or GSuite for deployment to Windows OS

  • Please take a look at the Policy Manager tab located at the top to create a rule to deploy to device(s).

    The Default Rule is the rule that will be duplicated whenever creating a new rule.

    The Default Rule is the rule that will be applied when all other rules fail to be applied. 

  • Press 'Save' at the upper right hand side to apply any changes made to a rule. 

  • The rule that is listed at the top is the rule that will be applied. If the first rule fails, the next applicable rule in the list will be applied. When all rules fail to apply, the Default Rule will take effect. 

  • To change the rule order, locate the rule in the left panel, and click on the rule's panel; several icon options will appear to the right hand side. 

  • Select the toggle/move arrow icon, which will ask where the new rule's location should be.

  • The Default Rule's location cannot be toggled.

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