Firewall compatibility: Allow outgoing TCP and UDP traffic to port 3478 and 5349.

Currently, this feature is only compatible with Chromebooks, and student's livescreens can only be viewed via logging into the Teacher Portal on the Chrome Browser.

Tasks Performed by Administrators

Enable Classroom Management

Prior to setting up and using Classroom Management, the administrator will need to enable the Classroom Management features for the teachers via the Deledao Admin Console. 

The teachers will be able to set up their own classrooms in Deledao’s teacher portal. 

Teachers also need to be mapped to students to be able to use this feature. Please see this article on how to map students to teachers.

For an overview of how to configure inside the Teacher Portal, please refer to the article 'Live Classroom - Tasks Performed by Teachers'

Enabling Teachers to Send Pop-up Messages to Students

In Google Workspace, Chrome>Settings, configure the Notifications settings from 'allow these sites to show notifications' to do not allow sites to show desktop notifications'. Then in the enter the chrome extension provided for deployment:



(The Extension URL is the same URL used for Deledao's extension deployment on Chrome devices/OS. To obtain the extension URL, please email"

Enabling Teachers Portal to View Students' Live-screens and Take Screenshots

In Google Workspace, Chrome>Settings, configure the screenshot settings to 'Allow users to take screenshots and video recordings' and 'Allow sites to prompt the user to share a video stream of their screen'.

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