What is the Deledao Parent Portal?

The Deledao Parent Portal is available to parents with children that attend schools with subscriptions to Deledao Education. The Parent Portal allows parents to set at-home policies for school-issued devices and to monitor their children's online activities.

For personal devices (not school-issued), Deledao offers the Deledao Family service.

Internationally recognized for our real-time AI technology, Deledao provides a positive internet experience for children. We filter inappropriate content, detect cyberbullying and signs of self-harm, and protect children's online data privacy. 

How to Access the Deledao Parent Portal

You will receive an invitation email from your school IT staff. Inside the email, there is a sign-up URL link.

Clicking on the link will take you to our Parent Portal page:

Now you will automatically start to receive weekly web activity reports for the student through email.

However, you also have access to our web portal to see more detailed reports and configure additional at-home policies for school devices. Click “Create a password” to set a password now, or just click “Take a look now” to see what you can do with the Parent Portal without setting a password.

In the future, you can also directly go to to sign in to the web portal. We recommend bookmarking this page.


If you’ve forgotten your password, just click “forgot password” and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how to create or reset your password.

Parent Portal Features


The dashboard gives you a quick overview of the student’s web activities and policy violations.


The wellness section gives you details about the student’s wellness alerts.

By clicking the eye icons, you can check alert screenshots --


The reports section gives you more details about the student’s activities and violations.

There are three sections, All, Blocked, and Allowed, which let you view the student's complete (both blocked and allowed), blocked, and allowed activities. You can type words (e.g. category name, website name) in the search box to quickly find the ones that are interesting to you.

You can also use the Searches, Videos, and Social Sites filters to quickly find specific types of activities.

At-Home Policy Configuration

If the child's school IT Admin allows this feature, parents can configure additional at-home policies for school devices.

Note that:

  • You cannot view or set policies that take effect while your students are on campus.

  • Some features are available to you only if the school administrators have enabled them.

  • You cannot override the settings of the at-home policy set by the school admins.

    For instance, if the school at-home policy stipulates that games websites are blocked at home and you try to unblock the games category, the games websites will still be blocked. The school settings are indicated by the red checkmarks next to the options.

Configuring Privacy Protection, Content Safety, and Blocked Categories

On the 'At-Home Policy' page, parents can configure the following policies when students are at home.

  • Privacy protection. 

    Many websites serve online ads and/or use cookies to track the student and invade child privacy. We recommend that one leaves these two options enabled. Blocking ads can also help get rid of annoying popup windows and conserve internet bandwidth.

  • Content safety. 

    YouTube and Google also have built-in safe mode, although they’re not doing a good job filtering out bad content and we consider them far inferior to our real-time content analysis engines. One can 'enable' them in the settings to have some extra peace of mind.

  • Blocked categories. 

    One can configure additional categories of webpages to block at home.
    • The categories with red checkmarks indicate that these categories are currently being blocked by the at-home policies set by school administrators. They will be blocked regardless of whether one checkmarks or un-checkmarks them.

    • However, as school's policies may change from time-to-time, if one would like to make sure they’re always blocked at home, one is encouraged to checkmark those categories even if those categories have a red checkmark already.

At-Home Blocked Website List

On this page you can set additional websites or webpages to be blocked at home.

  • If you enter a domain name (e.g., all webpages in this domain will be blocked (e.g.

  • If you enter a URL (e.g., all webpages whose URL subpages start with will be blocked (e.g.

  • If you enter a YouTube video URL (e.g., you will be prompted to select whether you want to block the video only, the video’s channel, the video’s categories, or some other keywords that appear in the video description.

At-Home Allowed Website List

This is configured the same way as the Blocked Website List, except that webpages listed in the Allowed Website List will be always allowed. The Allow List takes precedence over the Block List. That is, if a URL is matched by both the Block List and the Allow List, it will be allowed.


Deledao's Parent Portal Down Time Feature 

Deledao's Parent Portal Down Time features allows parents to restrict internet access to educational sites only during class/study time.

Set a Time Range

Parents can choose time ranges for when to enable Down Time in the 'Down Time' Settings tabs under the Policy Tab. 

Down Time

Users can set a Down Time policy to block all internet access at times such as bedtime.

Help them choose sleep over screen time.

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