Browsing with Deledao's Cloud AI Browser Filtering
Real-Time Cloud AI Web Browser Filtering for Text, Image, and Video Analysis

Deledao ActiveInsights is a browser-level content filtering solution focused on digital wellness and online student data privacy. Deledao’s AI-powered, cloud-based technology screens through each webpage in real time to analyze text, images, and videos. It operates on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac OS, mobile devices and tablets.

to Start Browsing the Web

Upon opening a browser, a login prompt will appear.  Sign in using your school G Suite or Office 365 email account.

Deledao's Teacher Portal
Manage classroom browsing activities through Deledao's Teacher Portal.

Scope student browsing activity with Deledao's Classroom Management.
Classroom Management - Tutorial

Get Real-time visibility of student browsing activities through Deledao's interactive Live classroom management.
Live Classroom - Teachers Tasks

Device and Browser Compatibility

Faculty Devices

Deledao's filters are compatible with Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Android OS devices.

Student Device Platforms
Deledao ActiveInsights operates on a variety of devices compatible with Education Institutions, which includes Chromebooks, Tablets, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


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