Proxy and Chrome Extension Filtering Issues

There have been issues with filtering when proxy and chrome extensions are running at the same time.  A proxy and extension cannot work at the same time on one device. There are two fixes for this issue

  1. Turn on "Use Chrome extension to filter Chromebooks only” under Configuration > Global Settings to avoid double-filtering

If filtering issues still persist configure Chrome to not use proxy in your GSuite settings. To check whether Chrome goes through the proxy is by visiting and then click the small “lock” icon in the address bar, and then click “Certificate” to see if it’s signed by “”. If it’s not signed by “”, Chrome doesn’t go through proxy. To fix this, sign into your GSuite account, and go to “Devices > Chrome > Settings > Users & Browsers”, under “Network” section, check if the “Proxy mode” is set to be “Allow user to configure”. 

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