Currently this feature is only supported on iPads that still use the Deledao Education app, which is no longer recommended and supported.

Young students may not be able to properly remember their user name and password to sign in, thus not enabling the correct policies to be enforced. To solve this problem, QR codes can be printed and distributed to allow them to sign in automatically.

  1. Log into Deledao admin console.
  2. Go to Configuration, and then Student Login QR Codes.
  3. Select a student or OU and an expiration date for the QR codes.
  4. If you have a one-to-one iPad program and would like the students to remain signed in during the validity time of the QR code, check the option “Remember login”. If the option is not checked, the students may be asked to log in again when the Deledao Education app is restarted.
  5. Generate the QR codes and distribute to students. Note that once the QR codes are generated, they cannot be nullified. 
  6.  Have your students open their camera app to recognize the QR code.  Once the code is      recognized, a pop-up saying "Open it in Deledao Education or Deledao Education Classic"  will appear.  Click on the link to access Deledao Education.


If an iPad has remembered a student’s QR code and you need to clear it, just uninstall the Deledao Education app and re-install it.

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