The Reports tab in the Admin Console allows you to see student activity.  It shows visited sites that were allowed and blocked.  You are able to filter reports by a certain time frame, org unit, student ID, or location. You can view reports showing all visited sites, allowed sites, or blocked sites.

  • By hovering over the red circle with a diagonal line, the enforced rule will be displayed

  • The house symbol shows if the site was visited on or off campus.

  • To see details on entries, hover over the 3 dots under status to see the rule name, category, device IP address, policy version, and Org Unit/Group.

  • By clicking the blue box with the check, a site can be blocked.

  • By clicking the red box with an "X", a site can be added to the allowed list.

Generating a Repot

To generate a report, click "Generate Report" in the top right corner.  After generating your report, print to a PDF to save the report as a PDF.

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