Reports Overview

The Reports tab in the Admin Console allows users to see students' browser activity details.  It shows visited sites that were allowed and blocked.  You can filter reports by a certain time frame, organizational unit, student ID, or location. Reports can be viewed showing all visited sites, only allowed sites, or only blocked sites.  Users can also view students' live screens.  Please see the Live Screen Monitoring document for details.

Report Filters

By filtering reports, unnecessary data can be removed letting the user focus on the data that is significant. 


Reports can be filtered by:

  • Category or keyword
  • Timeframe
    • Last 24 Hours
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • This Month
    • Previous Month
    • Custom Range
  • Organizational Unit
  • User ID
  • Location
    • On Campus
    • Off Campus
  • Blurred images or videos

Report Details

In the reports users can view details of user's browser activities.

  • Web Page - The webpage column displays the name of the site, category, and user information.  The website can be viewed by clicking the the website name hyperlink.
  • Date & Time - The date and time the web page was visited.
  • Duration - How much time was spent on the webpage.
  • Status - The status shows particulars on the activities.
    • Images Blurred
    • House Icon - The house icon displays when the activity is off campus.
    • Details - details on the activity can be seen by hovering over the 3 dots where the rule name, policy version, Org Unit/Group, and public facing IP address.
  • Action - Users have the ability to makes changes to activities.
    • Reclassify - Users can report misclassification is a website has been classified wrong.
    • Add to Blocked List - Allowed sites can be added to the blocked list.
    • Add to Allowed List - Blocked sites can be added to the allowed list.

Download Report

Click "Download Report" in the top right corner to generate a report in CSV or PDF format .

Save and Email Report

Saved reports or daily/weekly emailed reports can be set up here. 

Save reports

  • Click the Save button to save the current criteria into a report.
  • The saved criteria will include all values in the UI elements, including period, etc.
  • Users can select a saved report and automatically show the results.
  • Users can delete saved reports.
  • Users can rename saved reports.

Email reports

  • Click this button to subscribe to email delivery
  • Then enter your email address and choose frequency: daily or weekly
  • Users can unsubscribe reports.