User Management

To give other users access to the Deledao Admin Console navigate to Configuration > Manage Users and select "Add New User"

Fill out the required fields First Name, Last Name, Role, Email, Password, Confirm Password, and select "Submit"


  • Standard - These users are those with admin privileges except managing users.
  • Read Only - These users can view the Admin Console, but not make any changes.
    • Read Only users that have NO OU's mapped to them will be able to see all Admin Console pages 
    • Read Only users that DO have OU's mapped to them WON'T be able to see all the Admin Console pages. 
    • Read Only users can be enabled to view an entire district or an individual OU.  This feature allows Admin to chose what students the users have access to view.
  • Admin - These users have all access to Admin Console.

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