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Enable the Feature and Set up Scopes

  • Go to Teacher Portal > Settings.
  • Turn on “Enable teachers to approve unblock requests”.
  • Select the maximum student scope teachers can unblock. 
    1. Requesting student only: The teacher can only unblock for the requesting student. 
    2. Requesting student’s OU: The teacher can unblock for the requesting student’s OU. This is the recommended setting. 
    3. All schools: The teacher can unblock for all students. This is NOT recommended. 
  • Decide the maximum period of time before the unblock expires. Teachers can set different lower values when approving requests. 
  • Select website scope the teachers are allowed to unblock. 
    1. Entire websites (excluding social media …): This is the recommended setting. Teachers will be able to unblock entire websites with the exception of the mentioned categories, in which case they will only be able to unblock the requested webpage only. For instance, if a student requests to unblock a webpage on, the teacher can unblock the entire However, if a students requests to unblock a specific youtube video, the teacher can unblock that video only. 
    2. Entire websites with no restrictions: Teachers will be able to unblock entire websites, including sites such as This is NOT recommended. 
    3. Exact URL only: Teachers will be able to unblock the requested webpage only. 

 Only the teachers that are mapped to students can approve unblock requests. Please see Student-Teacher Map Creation.

In the "Manage Unblock Request" tab, unblock request can be deleted or permanently unblocked.

Delete Unblock Request

By deleting an Unblock Request, the website will return to being blocked.

Unblock Permanently 

A website can be unblocked permanently by clicking the "Add to Allow List" button on the Unblock Request and choosing the rule to add the allowed site to and select "Unblock".

Require Additional Approval for Select Categories

You can now require an additional approval by a certain filtering category.  This feature can be enabled in the Admin Console > Teacher Portal > Settings and enabling "Require additional approval for select categories".

After enabling "Require additional approval for select categories", add the email address for the second approver and choose the filtering categories that are wanted for a second approval.  The settings will be saved automatically.

After the first request is approved by a teacher, the second approver will receive an email for the Unblock Request.  Within the email will be a link to the unblock request or the second approver can just go to their Teacher Portal to see the request.

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