Recently we identified a bug in our upgrade process which could cause the proxy (on Windows) stops working. We have prepared a PowerShell script which can be used to fix the issue. The script can be run once to restore the proxy back to a normal status, but in order to avoid triggering the same bug again, the script needs to continue running until proxy fetches the update in the future which will fix the bug.

The script can be downloaded here:

Run it once

In order to run it only once, download the script from: then open a PowerShell window as administrator and run it by:


Keep it always running

Run it on a single machine

This can be done by creating a task with Task Scheduler with the following steps

  1. Open Task Scheduler on Windows 10  “Windows+R” and then typing “taskschd.msc”
  2. Click "Create Task" and set the following options:
    1. Select "Run whether user is logged on or not", and check "Run with highest privileges"
    2. Check the “Run with the highest privileges” box
    3. Switch to "Triggers" and click "New", and set "At startup" for field "Begin the task", then click "OK"
    4. Switch to "Actions", click "Browser" to select the download "upgradeFix.ps1", then click "OK"
    5. Switch to "Conditions", unchecked all options.
    6. Click "OK" for the task window
  3. Reboot the machine, and if the task is running. There will be a file created at "C:\Windows\Temp\upgradeFix-log.txt"

Deploy it through GPO

This can be done through the following steps:

  1. Open Group Policy Management, and create a new GPO called "UpgradeFix".
  2. Download the GPO object from and unzip it.
  3. Right-click GPO "UpgradeFix" and choose "Import Settings", then click "Next" until it asks to choose a backup folder to import the unzipped "", and follow the instructions to finish importing.
  4. Deploy the GPO "UpgradeFix" to the domain which have all Windows machine having proxy running on it.
  5. Reboot Windows 10 to fetch the latest GPO, and once the script is deployed successfully, there is a log file generated at "C:\Windows\Temp\upgradeFix-log.txt"

Deploy it through InTune

  1. Log into InTune endpoint management console
  2. Go to "Devices -> Windows -> PowerShell Scripts", then create a new script.
  3. Download the script from:
  4. Set the following properties for the script. Please note there is no need for script arguments. 
  5. Set the "Included Groups" to be that having all Windows machines with proxy on it. Please Note, the script needs to be deployed at device context, not user context. Save the script and it will run automatically after the machine is reboot. 
  6. Once the script is deployed successfully, there is a log file generated at "C:\Windows\Temp\upgradeFix-log.txt".

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