Our 'Live Classroom' monitoring feature provides instructors with real-time viewing of a student's browsing session.  Instructors can view a students' live screen and their opened tabs.   This allows for spot checking access attempts into filtered content and the redirection of students as deemed necessary.  To create a classroom please see our Setting Up a Classroom document.

To start a live classroom either click the play button in the green circle next to the class or click "Start Now".

Live Classroom Features



  • Live Tabs - Shows the tabs the student has open.
  • All Screens - Shows the students' live screen.
  • Change Session - Change the session during a live classroom by clicking the down arrow next to the current session and selecting the session you would like to change to.
  • Send to Class - Send a message or a website to the whole class which pushes a tab onto every device by entering the URL in the entry box next to the 'Send to class' button.
  • Add Allowed Website - This allows instructors to add websites to the allowed list of the current session in the live classroom.
  • Lock Down All - This feature locks all the students' browsers in the classroom showing a lockdown screen on the students' screen.

Student Window Features 

  • Screenshot Take screenshots of a student's browsing page or open tabs by clicking the camera icon.  A message in the lower right hand corner of the screen will appear to notify that the screenshot has been taken successfully. All screenshots will be in the 'Classroom History' tab 'Saved Screenshots' section. Screenshots will be saved for 30 days, after which, they will be automatically deleted. 
  • Message StudentEngage in conversation with students by clicking the dialogue icon  in the student's window. The teacher will see the students response in the bottom right of the screen.  

[Prerequisite: IT Admin needs to enable Chrome Devices to allow desktop notifications]

  • Lockdown Browser Lockdown an individual student's browser
  • Views
    • Small - Shows all the students' windows in small windows
    • Split - Shows the student's live screen and the open tabs
    • Full - Shows the student's Live Screen and tabs in a full-screen size within the browser. Other student's status windows will appear below on the same page. 
  • Close Tab Remotely close tabs by clicking the 'x' button near the webpages in an individual student's monitoring window
    • A message window will show on the student's screen, notifying that a tab is closed by the teacher
    • Teachers can choose whether or not to block the entire class from the specific URL or block the domain.
    • An option is available to add to the site bank blocked list.
  • If the site bank is Default District Policy, the blocked URLs cannot be added to the site bank.

  • Open Tab - Open the student's tab in your browser.  The student's tab will open in a new tab on the instructor's browser.

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