The rostering feature allows admin users to automatically import classroom and parent information from Google Classroom, ClassLink, or Clever-compatible data.  

Google Classroom and ClassLink importing

For Google Classroom and ClassLink importing, click either option and sign in with the appropriate login credentials.  For ClassLink, please grant the Deledao app the appropriate permissions in ClassLink portal.  

The teacher-student mapping information won't be displayed in the "Directory Management & Classroom Management" sections in the Teacher Portal tab of the Admin Console. Deledao will run real-time queries to fetch data with the connection setup.

Note: Only classroom information will be imported.


Auto-sync for ClassLink

  • automatically or manually resync parent info

Clever-compatible Data Importing

Importing using Clever-compatible data, admin users are able to import classroom and parent information.  To do this users will need to upload to our sftp server Clever-compatible CSV data from your SIS.  After clicking this option, users are provided the information needed to connect to our sftp servers though a program such as FileZilla. 

After connecting to our sftp servers locate the CSV files, right click on the files and select upload.  Below are the the requirements for the CSV files that will be accepted.

1. enrollments.csv:
    Section_id, Student_id

2. students.csv:

    Student_id, Student_email, Contact_email, Contact_name

    -- Contact_email, Contact_name are for guardians, and values in these 2 columns are case sensitive
    -- Contact_email, Contact_name can have empty values but the column headers need to exist.

3. teachers.csv:

    Teacher_id, Teacher_email

4. sections.csv:

    Section_id, Teacher_id, Course_name

 After importing you will see the information in the "Directory Management & Classroom Management" sections in the Teacher Portal tab of the Admin Console and also the Parent Portal tab in the Directory Management section.