The following steps can be followed to install our certificate into Windows or Mac

Installing Certificates on Windows

  1. Download the certificate from
  2. Sign in on Windows and open "mmc.exe" with administrator privilege.
  3. Click File -> Add/Remove Snap-in, choose "Certificates" and click "Add", then pick "Computer Account" -> "Local Computer" and click "Finish" -> "OK"
  4. Expand "Certificates (Local Computer)" -> "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" -> "Certificates", and then right click on "Certificates" -> "All Tasks" -> "Import".
  5. Follow the steps to import the certificate file downloaded in step 1.

Installing Certificates on Mac

  1. Download the certificate from
  2. Open Keychain Access on Mac
  3. Drag and drop the certificate file into Keychain Access -> System -> Certificates
  4. Double-click the newly imported certificate and change the "Trust" to "Always Trust" for all options.