The distraction feature for our Live Classroom allows instructors to be alerted when a student is off-task and visiting sites not pertaining to the current curriculum.  For example: if students are supposed to be in a Google Classroom, Google doc, or a particular webpage, our AI recognizes the outliers, which are student(s) who are on a different webpage then the rest of the classroom and alerts the instructor. 

This feature can be enabled in the Teacher Portal > Manage Classrooms > All Classrooms.

Note: This is a global setting and will be applied to all classrooms when enabled.  Instructors will not be alerted for students visitings sites in the allowed list of the current site bank.

During a live classroom, if a student is considered off-task, the student window border will flash in red and the teacher will see an alert at the bottom right of the screen.  The alert will show the distracted student and the teacher can click on the student distraction alert to put the student's window in their view.

Note: The pop up alert for individual student(s) is limited to 5 students and will visible for 20 seconds.