ActiveInstruct™ Site Banks Video



The site bank allows you to define multiple Internet access settings.. A single session can be chosen by multiple classrooms.  At one time, only one session can be applied to a classroom.  For your convenience, we will automatically import your previous classroom restrictions (from the old version) and give them the same names as the associated classes.



Creating a Site Bank


Click on the 'All Site Bank' tab and Select '+'  to create a new site bank.  Enter the Site Bank Name.  If you would like to make the site bank your default site bank check "Save as Default" box.  If you want block all websites and only allow the websites in the allowed list, check"Block all websites by default".

An instructor can also limit the number of open tabs a student can have open.



Enter your the sites you want allowed or blocked and select +add.

To Delete a website, click the box next to the website to check it, then select Delete Selected




Once you have made you updated your choices, select Save.  After saving the site bank, your new site bank will show to the left.  


To delete a Site Bank, click the trash can next to the site bank and click ‘Delete’ on the popup.


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