Admin console users can view students' live screens and open tabs in the Reports tab of the Admin Console.  Users can take a screenshot of the students' screen, send a message, and lockdown the student's browser.

To view a live screen, chose the student and click 'Connect'.  Once connected, users will see the student's live screen and the open tabs.  

  • Screenshot Take screenshots of a student's browsing page or open tabs by clicking the camera icon.  
  • Send Message Engage in conversation with students by clicking the dialogue icon in the student's window. The teacher will see the student's response in the bottom right of the screen.  

[Prerequisite: IT Admin needs to enable Chrome Devices to allow desktop notifications]

  • Lockdown Browser Lockdown a student's browser
  • Close Tab Remotely close tabs by clicking the 'x' button near the webpages in an individual student's monitoring window
  • Open Tab Open the student's tab in your browser.  The student's tab will open in a new tab on the instructor's browser.